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Paul Alkins has had 20 years’ experience managing prisoners working in the community while with the Dept of Justice. He holds a BA in Psychology and a BA in Justice. 

Paul is also a Chartered Tax Adviser, a Fellow with the National Tax & Accountants Association, and a Registered Tax Agent with over 30 years’ experience in Accounting and Taxation.
He is passionate about working with people that are at risk of offending behaviour to help provide them with a purpose and a sense of belonging and in turn reduce their risk of breaking the law.


Through St ROB, Paul Alkins enjoys:

  •  Providing Housing for Homeless Men

  •  Giving ongoing support to all the Residents

  •  Helping people fight addictions in particular, drugs and alcohol

  •  Supporting Partners and Families of Child Sexual Abuse offenders

  •  Working with victims of Child Sexual Abuse to try to prevent them from Offending behaviour

  •  Helping men feel a purpose and belonging in life

  •  Supplying Affordable services to the public

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