Success Stories


Success is hard to measure but a good news story coming out of St Rob is that of Peter (named changed).


Peter contacted St Rob one Friday night in November 2018 after taking Methamphetamine and was suicidal with no place to go.

After talks with St ROB, Peter was picked up that night and taken to one of the St Rob houses.

Peter was 29 years of age and had a previous background in heavy drug use and his life was spiraling out of control.

He also did a lot of things to support his habit. Things that he regrets. Fortunately, he is no longer on that path of destruction.


Over the following months and with the daily support of mentors from St Rob, Peter was seeing a path towards a better future, illegal substance abuse was becoming a thing of the past.

Peter made the choice to become a Social worker and with continued support commenced University in February 2019.

Apart from a few small setbacks, Peter has continued with his University studies and can see a future with a full-time job and family aspirations of his own.

A Supportive Community Member

If you need help or support contact, Paul Alkins, at St Rob via his email or 0407709962 for Men's Housing and Supportive Accommodation