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Success Stories


Success is hard to measure but examples of good news stories coming out of St Rob are;




Peter contacted St Rob one Friday night in November 2018 after taking Methamphetamine and was suicidal with no place to go.

After talks with St ROB, Peter was picked up that night and taken to one of the St Rob houses.

Peter was 29 years of age and had a previous background in heavy drug use and his life was spiraling out of control.

He also did a lot of things to support his habit. Things that he regrets. Fortunately, he is no longer on that path of destruction.


Over the following months and with the daily support of mentors from St Rob, Peter was seeing a path towards a better future, illegal substance abuse was becoming a thing of the past.

Apart from a few small setbacks, Peter has continued with his progress and in 2022 took on the role of House Manager at one of St Rob's properties.

St Rob also purchased a small vehicle in 2022 and Peter became the driver for St Rob by supporting other residents in attending hospital, Dr's and other daily outings.

Peter's Letter

I came to St Rob about 4 years ago a broken mess. I was homeless, suicidal and had completely lost everyone and everything that I cared about.

I was a Meth addict, and had struggled for years.

During my time here staff at St Rob have had sleepless nights sitting with me trying to help me when I have panic attacks.

On arrival at St Rob’s I literally had a backpack and the clothes on my back.

The staff have given me hope and have been like a surrogate father to me when I was estranged from my family, due to violence restraining orders.

With their support these restraining orders have been lifted and I now enjoy a relationship with my family again.

St Rob has used their time to help broken people like myself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past three years. At times I hear voices and I feel useless and suicidal but when I feel like this, I am able to talk to staff at any time of the day or night and they make me feel calm and relaxed and I also feel much better about myself.

We all need the help and unconditional love that the staff offer so easily. With their support and understanding, we have the chance of a new beginning, where we can succeed and play a better role in society.  

A Mother's Letter to St Rob


My name is Kathy and I am the mother of Peter (33yrs of age) who resides with St Rob. My son has been at St Rob for 4 years. Apart from physical injuries, Peter suffers with ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Psychotic Spectrum disorder (auditory Hallucinations) and requires a lot of ongoing support and guidance.

St Rob has been a major part of my sons healing journey. St Rob has persevered and stuck by him when others had given up hope on my son. He has been kept safe and stable through very challenging times, always being on call and available 24 hours a day. At times travelling with him on ambulances and collecting him when being discharged from hospital.

I have always found the staff at St Rob to be compassionate, polite and professional in dealing with my son.

St Rob has also helped me, and words cannot express the gratitude I have for the useful advice and guidance they have provided me in times of great stress.

They have helped me understand the mental health issues my son has.

The staff at St Rob are wonderful role models and are a credit to the running of St Rob.

There dedication to helping people like my son and others is unique.

A Supportive Community Member


Wayne found himself homeless in 2020 after a separation and an incident with the police. Wayne became a resident of St Rob who supported him through his legal issues, which are now resolved. Through continued support Wayne is another success story and in full time employment and residing at St Rob.

I am 35 years of age.


I met St Rob in a very difficult and mentally straining time in my life, 2 years ago, after trying to commit suicide three times I decided I needed help.


I was given the name of the St ROB (Steps to reducing offending behaviour) Foundation and commenced living in their supportive accommodation.


St Rob staff listened to my issues and assisted by putting me in touch with therapists and courses I needed to complete to better myself.


The staff have been a great sounding board for me when I needed advice and someone just to talk to in general.


The staff have shown me nothing but absolute integrity in helping and caring for the residents at St ROB. The staff offers support every day and I have seen so many people benefit from there kindness.


Before St Rob, I was going nowhere. I was confused and I didn’t feel of value in this world.


Now I have a greater self-worth and I can handle complex situations. I feel with their continued support I will be able to endure what life throws at me.


They have supported me in the area of starting my own business and continue to push me to succeed in life by keeping me involved in matters at St ROB.


Paul came to St Rob after attempting to take his life after being arrested by the police.

He was in a very fragile state and stayed with one of St Robs Managers for 8 weeks before he considered himself stable enough to live on his own.

He moved into a St Rob house and was supported through his court proceedings Paul concluded his court proceedings and with continued support after about 12 months obtained full time employment. 

Paul continues to stay at St Rob and is saving to build his own house in the near future.

A Letter from Paul

My name is Paul, I am a 23-year-old who has seen his fair share of suffering, both personal and external. I am an introvert who spends most of his spare time gaming and watching anime to cope with my mental instabilities.


I met St Rob in mid to late January. At this time I was suffering from suicidal thoughts, having spent 2 weeks in hospital due to an attempt on my life. I lost my job, my girlfriend, my home, and the trust of my family. After arriving at St Rob I instantly felt at ease being able to talk to them, because they were nice, and sincere, and the staff didn't throw any bullshit mentalism my way, they had experienced everything I had and more.

St Rob supports me on a daily basis.


I now know, after having lived at St Rob Foundation, just how much work they do for this community. The staff works 7 days a week, being a councilor, being a storeman making sure all the food stocks of the 5 different properties are up to date. They shop for all of the properties and budgets the entire business. They are the people that everyone here can talk to without fear of rejection straight off the bat, and thery actually give good advice.


One of my grandfathers died before I was born, and the other is an angry german who lives in Tasmania, so honestly, St Rob is like the grandad I never had.

A Residents letter to St Rob

I am 30 years of age.

I have a traumatic family background history and eventually moved out from my family surroundings.

I was sleeping on a bench in a sleeping bag, not knowing what or were to go.

I put an advert on facebook looking for support and accommodation.

Paul Alkins from St Rob Foundation became aware of my situation and contacted me.

As a result, I moved into St Rob premises in February 2020.

There I met one of the employees who was a carer and mentor at St Rob.

From the very beginning he offered me friendship and someone to talk to. He made himself available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

St Rob then arranged a series of medical appointments, Doctor’s, Fremantle Alma St Mental Health and I started to get the help I think I needed. They also supported me for urgent medical assistance as all my teeth had fallen out.

After about 8 months I was able to purchase a small tow truck from a friend.

Not long after purchasing my tow truck I fell off it and broke my right leg in 2 places. The staff basically acted as my nurse, preparing me for showers, dressing me and helping me through this difficult time and taking me to the many hospital visits that followed.

It opened my eyes to the issues I had and with St Rob’s continued support I commenced understanding all my problems.

This allowed me to better myself and gave me a direction for the future. St Rob supported me in my endeavors and created a business name and purchased advertising for my tow truck business.

St Rob has continued to support and guide me, even though I had several breakdowns with alcohol and marijuana.

What makes St Rob so special is that they always make themselves available if I or any of the other residents need help, St Rob is always been there to listen, and provide advice and support.

The staff have been like a father figure to me, and all the residents at St Rob respect them for their openness and help that they give to us all. Over the past year, I have grown stronger thanks to them.

Many of St Rob's other residents are making slow progress towards independence with their mental health, addictions or homelessness.

If you need help or support contact, Paul Alkins, at St Rob via his email or 0407709962 for Men's Housing and Supportive Accommodation

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