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St Rob supports men in finding Men's Housing needs and provides various forms of Accommodation including residential and rural living within the Perth CBD area.

While staying at one of our St ROB sites, volunteers from St ROB provide you with personal support and the support you need to get to various appointments to assist you on your road to recovery.

Our service is very rare because we are individually tailored to meet each one's specific needs and we are available at all times at no cost to you.

Here are some examples of what people have said about our services:

Roger (84)

Thanks to St ROB I was able to get to my doctor appointments and St ROB helped me obtain the help I needed from various organisations.  



Fighting Against Homelessness - Andrew (60’s)

St ROB spends a lot of time working to find homeless people a safe, comfortable and supportive place to live. The gentleman in the photograph below was removed from a bench from the streets of Fremantle in March 2019 and he is now living comfortably in a St ROB home. Whilst taking people off the streets isn’t too hard, St ROB’s work really begins when addressing the issues that led to a person’s homelessness with the aim of preventing them from returning to the streets. Nov, 2019 update – Andrew is enjoying his supported accommodation with St Rob and is a resident on a 10-acre property. Andrew has now taken responsibility for looking after chickens at St Rob which are now supplementing eggs supplied to residents. If you would like to help someone like Andrew, (name changed) please contact St ROB below and we will do our best to place them in a safe and comfortable home to live.

Wayne 30’s

Wayne found himself homeless in Perth after a separation and an incident with the police. Wayne is now a resident with St Rob and is being offered support in resolving his ongoing issues.

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