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Child Sexual Abuse Publications

'The Safecare Story' and 'You Me and a Cup of Tea

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You, Me and a Cup of Tea invites the reader in, and puts them at ease, right from the title page. Child sexual abuse is such an important topic, but it is often felt to be a taboo which is too difficult to address and may be swept under the carpet. This wonderful book opens up avenues to talk about child sexual abuse and bring this topic out into the open, in a sensitive and empathic manner. Monica Macoun selflessly shares her own experiences and from this perspective of absolute understanding, opens up the discussion of breaking the cycle of child sexual abuse.

You, Me and a Cup of Tea is not only aimed at parents or professionals working with vulnerable children, it is also a book which provides interactive strategies and suggestions for people of any age who may have experienced abuse or trauma in their lives.

While in no way condoning the behaviour of perpetrators, Monica also talks about the importance of working with these individuals with a focus on education and counselling rather than punishment. Monica explains that by addressing all aspects of this insidious crime and providing help and support to all parties involved – victim, perpetrator and other family members – the cycle of child sexual abuse will be more successfully broken.

You, Me and a Cup of Tea is an exceptionally important book and will be of great benefit to all who read it.

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