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Project SAT (Sexual Abuse Therapy) for Offenders, Partners, and families


St Rob Foundation aims to help people find the right type of support and therapy for those at risk of offending, their partners, and their family members.

What is ‘Project SAT’


Project SAT commenced in June 2018 as the result of one of St ROB's residents entering St ROB after being charged with historical child sexual offences. His story is below.


Story of one of our residents:

I searched google and made endless phone calls in an effort to find the specialised assistance I was seeking, but I couldn’t find any help, not even for services to support my wife or my family members.


I found no assistance, but I kept looking.


I eventually found a Clinical Psychologist that specialised in the area of sexual offending and I commenced therapy for actions I could not remember.


During the course of this therapy and attending a men's group, I understood there had to be a better way to advertise these specific specialised services for offenders, and their partners and family members who generally are forgotten with this type of offending.

In June 2018 I commenced the operation, Project SAT, which now has a dedicated website offering Support, and Links to online therapy courses for offenders looking for support and understanding along with support for their partners and family members who generally get left behind.

Since its inception, the Website has received over 1000 visits (up to 25th April 2021) and continues to assist many people looking for answers. These services are also available to people outside of Western Australia.

In 2019 my life story encouraged the Manager of St Rob to complete a six-month training session in WA on the prevention of child sexual abuse, and to then attend a ‘Stop it Now’ proposal in Melbourne followed by a workshop in Germany (Dunkelfeld Project) for further research into this subject.

St ROB now has links with the following organisations around the world, Safecare (Perth), Dunkelfeld Project (Germany), Dunkelfeld Project (India), StopSo (UK/Ireland/USA), and Stop It Now (Australia).

This Website is a first for Perth and Australia, and with the support from 'Safecare' a dedicated group of specialised psychologists offering support in this area, I hope to help reduce the likelihood of these offences from occurring, through St ROB.

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